8000 km über den Atlantik

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Überflug der Lancair IV-P in die Schweiz.

Libyen-Reise 2006

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Mit der MCR-01 nach Libyen...und zurück

10. Madara Seen

April 16th 2006: Mandara lakes


After lunch a bus took us in a 2 hour drive direction south-west over sometimes very bad roads. Then followed a 1.5 hour car drive with 4x4 over sand dunes to the lake of Gabr Aun. (N 26°48’31” / E 13°32’29”). It’s one of the Mandara lakes. It was late afternoon and the colours where just overwhelming.


Fred, Ruedi, Richard and I went for a swim. We where very surprised that the water was almost as salty as in the Dead Sea. We floated like balloons. We had much fun and it was great.


Driving back we had a superb sunset that put the dunes in the nicest orange colours. We where back at the hotel at 23:00 and where pretty tired.


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