8000 km über den Atlantik

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Überflug der Lancair IV-P in die Schweiz.

Libyen-Reise 2006

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Mit der MCR-01 nach Libyen...und zurück

Prosit Neujahr

January 2nd 2017

Today 09.30 André called to see if I was in for some flying with two passengers. -6°, mist to the ground and IFR conditions did not look very promising. But 3.5 hours later we got ready for take off under special VFR. Still -2°, a view of 4000m and clouds 500ft over the terrain....
Moto of the day: start the new year like you ended the old one. OK, lets do some crazy stuff!

Andi took one passanger in the TravelAir and I followed with the other passanger in the Swift. The flight was nice with the heating fully open :-)

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