8000 km über den Atlantik

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Überflug der Lancair IV-P in die Schweiz.

Libyen-Reise 2006

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Mit der MCR-01 nach Libyen...und zurück

3. Flug nach Tunis

April 9th 2006: Flying from Calvi to Tunis


We flew a long the cost. In southern Corsica we heard on the radio that the others just where airborne from Figari and so we flew all at the same time over Sardinia. The Italian Controllers had some problems handling the 8 aircrafts, all travelling at different heights.
The flight over the sea was eventless. Arriving at the shore of Tunisia it was already getting late. We landed in Tunis Carthage just before sunset. The landing was somewhat chaotic then all MCR’s came in to land in a very short time period. But the Controller managed to squeeze us in between the landing Airliners.


A moderate wind blew and the airport personnel brought materials to tie down the planes. The entry of Tunisia took some time. Filling out forms, waiting, controls of the passports, waiting, controls, etc. etc. We got on the bus only at 9 PM. In the hotel we had a dinner, had a shower and went to bed happy to be in Africa.


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