8000 km über den Atlantik

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Überflug der Lancair IV-P in die Schweiz.

Libyen-Reise 2006

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Mit der MCR-01 nach Libyen...und zurück

5. Tunis -> Tripolis

April 12th 2006: Flying to Tripolis 


After lunch we took at 1:30 PM the coach that took us back to the airport. Because we didn’t ask for any “assistance” the airport personnel let us wait for a long time. First they had a problem because we where not travelling with an airline. A guy then takes all our names and wants to know our profession (why not the shoe size?). Then they don’t let us walk to our planes. We have to wait for some cars that drive us the few hundred meters to the MCR’s. At 3 PM we finally arrive at the planes and start at once the pre-flight inspections.

Finally take off is at 3:45 PM.


En route we have good weather and some tailwind. We wanted to fly in groups but already after take off we lost each other. Radio communication isn’t easy then the controllers from Tunis Info and Tripoli Info don’t talk very clear. After 2.8 hours we arrive in Tripoli. Just before the airport it’s raining and the visibility gets poor. When we took off they said it would be CAVOK. We have the airfield 5 miles before in sight. We are happy to be in Libya.


It takes some time to get all the visas. Karim, who organised the trip in Libya is managing the affair with the officials and after some long waiting we can go to the bus that bring us in a 1.5 hour drive to a small hotel near Leptis Magna. It was not the original plan to stay in this hotel, but Ghadaffi had some friends over and the nice Hotel we where booked had to be emptied completely. So we where happy that Karim could find something.
Its Evelyn’s birthday and we go to have dinner at 11 o’clock PM and are celebrating.
The hotel was very “rustically” but I think everybody was tired and could sleep.
In the night we are having some rain!!!


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